Welcome to the PeaceChallenge 2013!

The secret behind The Peace Challenge and how it all started.

The Peace Challenge (Fredsuppdraget) was launched 1/1 2012 in Sweden by Micke Gunnarsson. The idea was simple. Launch a new mission every day at 07:00 throughout 2012 in order to stay awake. A small task that can be performed during the day, this to create a little more peace in yourself and to expand your comfortzone. Micke has now completed assignments throughout 2012. This has been in Swedish. Now we give it a try even in English. A kind of free “one year personal development course” in order to change the world. The first Challenge will be launched 1/1-2013!

”World peace starts with peace inside each of us”.

Look at Micke´s video presentation below:

Curious about the Swedish version?
Click here!